A Family Affair

A Family Affair A chat with Holly Sherman, mother of four and owner of Back Beach Rd. When a family of six decide that five of them want to enter a Tri event, insert a whole lot of coordination, fun and laughter. Holly Sherman and her family moved to Byron Bay from Melbourne unexpectedly during […]

Athlete Spotlight, Deb Fuller

Athlete Spotlight Deb Fuller, Byron Tri Club At times we can find ourselves watching from the sidelines and never quite get the courage to join in, but this is definitely not the case for Byron Bay resident and Tri club member, Deb Fuller. Deb has always lived an active lifestyle and as a keen runner […]

winter training

winter training – who likes it? I am a fair-weather athlete and try to avoid the cold but here a few things that might help… My practical advice to avoid the cold; move to my old stomping ground Cairns, problem solved in a perfect world! The 15 to 25-degree crisp winter days of the Far […]

5 most common mistakes

5 most common mistakes Dear Brad, I started competing in Olympic Distance and Sprint Distance triathlons about 18 months ago but am stuck in a bit of a rut lately. Could you tell me the five most common mistakes for people at my level as I’m sure I am making them all! CheersJohn Hi John, […]

are triathletes crazy!?

are triathletes crazy? Dear Brad, I love this sport, particularly the friendships I’ve forged over the last 15 years and of course, how fit you get! Problem is, I’ve got a couple of toddlers now, a cranky wife and I’m starting to question a few things. Could we all have picked a more crazy sport?! […]

on the road to faster recovery

on the road to faster recovery Dear Brad Beven, I’ve been competing in triathlons since the mid to late 90s and have recently encountered a new and frustrating problem. I find it takes heaps longer to pull up from a race. Some Mondays, I can hardly get out of bed! I know it’s an age […]

coming back from an Injury

coming back from an injury Hi Brad I’ll get to the point – I’m injured. Badly. And it sucks. As luck would have it, my injury occurred when I was at my fittest and happiest. I’ll be able to start light swimming in a month, maybe a little gym work as well. But I’ve put […]

go long this weekend

go long this weekend What will you be doing this weekend? Sleeping in? A leisurely breakfast maybe? How about spending 4 hours on your bike exploring the great outdoors. Which one sounds more attractive? Touring the back blocks of Beenleigh and the upper east side of West End on my treadly does it for me. […]

getting to know brad q&a

getting to know Brad q&a In the past you’ve been known to be an ‘anti-technology’ athlete. Is this still true today, or do you now train with some high-tech gadgets? Have you hired a coach, or are you still going at it on your own? Are there any training partners who’ve helped you with the […]

introducing brad beven

introducing brad bevan What does a kid growing up on a sugar cane farm in North Queensland do to burn bucket loads of energy off? Run and never stop running. With parallels to a Kenyan childhood I used to run up and down the paddocks behind the tractors, resting only for smoko and lunch. Unbeknown […]